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Delight In Being Alive
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A community for happy people who want to be able to talk about the joyful things in life and even the sheer joy of simply existing. If you've been looking for a community that celebrates, joy, jumping up and down, kittens, sparkly things, shiny things, starry skies, swings, cool evening air, soaring wonder, and all sorts of other things that make life the best example of random serendipity imaginable -- you've come to the right place.

I figure that there are plenty of communities (and personal journals) wherein there's a lot of dark stuff. Dark stuff is certainly part of life and people are multifaceted; however, this community is meant both to allow happy people to BE happy, publicly, without being ridiculed for it and to give ALL people room to search their complex, messy, human-ness for the little (and big) delights that make getting out of bed every morning worthwhile.

The only rules here are:

1. Please place images under cuts. Feel free to post pictures of things that make you happy, but be tidy about it.

2. Please respect other members. And above all, respect the happiness of other members.

3. Use the spell checker and use proper capitalization and paragraph breaks, in order to make it easier for all members (including those with visual processing difficulties) to read your posts.